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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No longer the center of the universe


If you read this title and you are a mother then you know why. If you read this and have had some powerful moments in life, then you know why! As for me--from the moment my little Gracie was born it was all about adapting to her needs, giving her all the love I had just gained from looking in her eyes. I knew in that moment I was no longer the center of the universe, but she was. Of course, I need to take care of myself and follow my passion, but this is different. It is a kind of love that no one can take away, even if they were the most powerful, magical human being. No no, it won't happen! "Love liberates" like Maya Angelou once said. Motherhood has allowed me to see life in a whole new way and grow as a person. I have felt more powerful physically and mentally than I have ever had. It is hard at times but the rewards I get for my soul are endless, the lessons I learn every single day are incredible. Anyway just wanted to share a little something that has been on my mind today. Lets empower one another as women, no greed, no vanity, no jealousy. Just love, acceptance, forgiveness, and that self love I talked about last time :) What do you ladies think? this isn't just for mothers but for all of us women. Whether you are a mother or not, we can all have this amazing feeling. I have learned from motherhood, how have any of you ladies felt that "AHA!!!" moment in life?! 


This book is one of my favorites :) I was so anxious and excited when I was reading the end! 

Mi amor

Sunday, August 10, 2014

True self love

You all have heard about true love?! but how about true self love? the kind of love we can only get from ourselves and no one is. The kind that allows us to love every single cell of our bodies without worrying about the negativity. Without worrying about what others feel about you. The kind of love that allows us to never betray our souls. Now that is a true self love I try to have every single day. It is hard to get and it takes time but every day is a new day. Now remember true love isn't perfect so why would true self love be perfect too? it isn't. No one is perfect, we just have to keep poking until we see some light shine through. Just keep having that joy! Lately I have been focusing on love, love love for myself. It is amazing how much I can love myself when I just let negativity go and have some joy in me. Thank you all who take the time to read my posts--always makes this little heart of mine feel amazing! Here are some pictures of me and a little babe with a BIG heart!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Eat. Pray. Love. Repeat

You know the Eat Pray Love book and movie? I think we can all use a little bit of that. So let me take a moment to express my thoughts as they ramble in my head and I'll try my best to type it on here trying to make some sense out of it. Haha! 

We had a pretty amazing day today, enjoyed a nice Sunday morning, found some amazing costume made rings at the flea market, and attended a family BBQ who were all amazing and kind. We got home and as we were trying to figure out what to watch Eat Pray Love was thought about, and so what did I do? Watched it! LET me just say that, I am in love with the movie every time I watch it! It always teaches me a little something about life and happiness : ) I realized that every time I fear something and I decide to just let go I succeed in anything I want! I feel whole and at peace, and for me that is enough. I had the fear of labor, and now I have the most incredible daughter. I had a fear of giving up on trying to "run" and now I have been running for almost two months! I had a fear of body image and now I couldn't be happier in my own skin. I had a fear of not having money to travel to different places with my little family and now I am saving money for us to enjoy the world a little more. You see, if we just let things go we can accomplish so much. Joyful are we. Happy are we. Like in the book “To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life" Elizabeth Gilbert.  We all have our own happy lives and dreams, and we can always find a way to do the things we love. It doesn't have to be the way the world wants it to be or how society expects our lives to be. It can be our own paths we create and in those paths we leave memories forever. 


Happiness is finding amazing rings at the flea markets! 

Found this vintage hopscotch vest at the flea market today :) 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

oh Happy day.

We had the time of our lives today! Nothing special, but every second was extraordinary. If that makes sense? if not--let me explain. My little chicky has been growing so fast, every day I wake up and I see new personality traits, new tantrums, new wants and a new kind of love. She loves to kiss me when I say "beso" in spanish-- trying to teach her both languages :) and she cries if I don't get her the ball she wants at any store! haha but that is what makes a day extraordinary. When I get to hold her to sleep as she touches my face with her tiny little warm hands, and I cuddle with her as she sleeps ( I still co-sleep)! HA! It just makes our days extra sweet. Today we went to a great friends wedding who I've known for almost ten years now, his open house reception was incredible! Lets just say I ate about 50 macaroons! YIKES! and my little babe ate about 5! :) I just wore my classic plain outfit- booties, jeans, and a jean shirt-and you can't forget my rebel mac lip! And of course she wore her romper- because who doesn't love them?! With her bright green salt water sandals :) BTW isn't her hair getting so long??! 


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Something About That Thing.

Hello darling,

 First of, so sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks! My daughter was sick, then my husband, then me! And on top of that I broke out with a horrible rash over my arms and hands.. later to find out it is a type of eczema- which is painful and sucks! But I am better now and ready to roll once again :)

 So I interviewed another blogger a couple of weeks ago and I was so pleased to find out how genuine she is, I seriously could truly feel her kind vibe though via emails!! no joke, have you ever felt that feeling before? Anyway here is a little bit about her, and make sure to go check out her blog!! 

 Jackie is stunning and stylish casual chic babe! She doesn't dress up all the way , but always well put together! She has curves of a sexy diva and has the style to show it off! She was inspired to create a blog through her boss- when he asked her "why not?" when she had replied to him she wasn't quite sure why she didn't have one! haha And she LOVES LOVES to blog! Even though it is hard to find time when she works full time and has a thousand things to do, she enjoys getting inspired by other bloggers and it is a creative outlet for her. Being able to be creative has forced her to be creative with how she dresses everyday. Her "go to" look is jeans, boyfriend cardigan and some spiced up shoes ;)! As you all know I always ask my bloggers to tell me one thing they love about themselves emotionally and physically. She loves her small waist, (killer bod with a dress!!!) And she loves the fact that even though she is hesitant on a lot of things, she is able to overcome it through doing some crazy things--like posting pictures on the internet! How awesome is she?! Go check her out and i'll be posting a new babe soon!



Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Introduce you to Yen. Lets find the diva in us. Go take a peek- You will fall in love!!

1.What inspired you to start blogging?
Actually it was a friend’s suggestion to start a blog. One day, I was having coffee with a good friend of mine which I’ve not kept in touch for the longest time. He knew I love fashion and beauty-kind-of-stuff a lot so he suggested why not just keep a log about what I wear and beauty products that I’m using? That’s how Diva In Me started.

2.Who are your style icons?
There are two categories for my style icons. One from the modeling world and the other the street style influencers. From the modeling world, it would be Kate Moss and Alexendra Ambrossio. From street style influencers (usually bloggers), they are Blaire from Atlantic-Pacific, Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad, Aimee Song from Song of Style and Hallie from Hallie Daily. These are the few people I find myself pinning their outfits to my Pinterest board a lot.

3.Do you have a favorite piece in your closet?
This is a challenging question. Everything in my closet is my favorite pick from the many collections out there. LOL! If I’ve to choose only one, it would be my very first Christian Louboutin pumps called Bianca. I definitely find myself wearing this pair of pumps in a lot.

4.What is the trend you are into right now?
Denim. Period. I think I never got out of that trend. Every time when there are some changes in the denim trend. I am such a sucker for it. I wouldn’t miss a chance to get my hands on one. I am recently a proud owner of a very comfortable pair of Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans.


5.What do you like to do for fun?
I love spa! I love how relaxed my body and mind are after a session. Other than that, I enjoy doing nothing, like watching TV and playing some games on my iPad all day.

Last but not least!!
6.If you could give advice to anyone about anything, what would it be?!
Live your life to the fullest. Do not give yourself a chance to look back and say those could-have, would-have and should-have. It’s too late then. Everything has its timing. If it doesn’t happen, it’s just not meant to be and if it does happen, appreciate it.

Tell me something you love about yourself physically and emotionally?

Some time ago, I was studying abroad and I love the food there so much that I gained so much weight. I didn’t feel healthy and I felt bloated all the time. One day, I just decided to get a pair of running shoes and I started exercising every day and I took it a little too seriously. I counted every calorie I consumed and worked out 7 days a week. After a few months, I realized life’s just too short to be this rigid. I start to appreciate every physical part about myself. Yes, I’m not super tall like a model, but I do have long legs which I love. All I need to do is just to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes working out 3 times a week and eat when I’m hungry. My past had definitely taught me to be smarter with food consumption and discipline when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Yep, you heard her. The bolder the better Ashley says!! 

WOW, just wow is the first thing I thought about after getting to know her and reading some of her answers. Sometimes I wish I had some of those traits Ashley, no joke!! Ashley is a gal from Kansas who started blogging after her boss pushed her to show the world her skills (so glad he/she did) :) She's all about mix and match and works with tough pieces to balance it in a girly way. And right now shes into the bold pieces, the bolder the better!!! She can't narrow a style icon because theres so many but Zoe Saldana, Olivia Palermo and Jenna Lyons of JCrew fame are a few of them.

As a fashionista she loves to shop, just give her a Nordstrom and Sephora and well- she's the happiest gal in the world! She also loves to work on her landscaping skills out in her gardens, oh and get this- she is a big BASKETBALL fan, yep shes pretty much the whole package!! She is also inspired by nature, all different seasons, other bloggers and people. She loves to get inspired from all over the place to keep it fresh :)

In every interview I ask the fashionista to give me some physically and emotionally traits they love about themselves. She loves her legs (due to volleyball) and her smile :) (seriously shes gorge) and she loves how tough and  no-nonsense she is!

One last thing, if you're ever visiting Kansas, stop at the Jack Stack. Kansas is all about a good barbeque so make sure to check it out and let her know how it is :)

Here she is!

Follow her at: http://lestylorouge.com/